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To do something like to draw or paint

To my visitors.

I am looking forward to promote and sell my paintings. I want that my painting-kids will get a life among living people.

So now I am using a lot of energy to find out how to build a wordpress site. I have found out that the nature of my site best is described a blog, where I have one purpose: To sell and show the world the paintings I have made and make now and in the future. Because it is really fun to paint. I can advice you to go ahead improving your skill in any creative style you want.

Playing the piano and singing is also a good way to spend time. But making something real materialistic like a sculpture or a drawing or a painting is really satisfying. You are so proud when you have done something. When you have struggled with problems. And to be inspired is the same as to be in the mood for doing something. And making an abstraction means that you do not need to paint or draw something that looks like it does in the real world. When you are creative you create something. To be a creator is to make something really unique.

I don’t know what art is or what an artist is. In my view an artist is a human being creating something that has never existed before. But there are much more to say about what art is. Perhaps it means that there shall be a communication as a goal. I don’t know. What I want when I paint is to feel great in the period of time when I do the work. One thing is really good about doing something. And that is: If you have problems with the inner mind chatter as I have then it is fantastic to be in flow and only have your mind on what you are doing. And you do it in a dialog with the painting you are creating. So your mind is about doing what you do. Yes this is fantastic. To be so occupied of doing your job that you forget everything else. You gorget time and place. You forget to eat. You are never getting tired.

Yes sure. I will be happy if you want to buy my art. And if you like what you see then use the sharing buttons and tweet it. Or Pin it. Or facebook it. But best of all is if you call me to buy. You are welcome to visit me where I live and I will tell you where if you ask.

In 2015 I will have an exhibition at Granes Galleri here in  Aarhus.  I will be back when it is scheduled.

Now feel free to breathe again and go out in the world, go out in the nature or in the city and just look. To look is just great. When you tell yourself to LOOK then the inner mind chatter stops. For a while.

Have a great time

Palle Adamos Finn