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Husk nu og besøg min shop med malerier. Der er mange fine pragtstykker at vælge imellem. Mine malerier fortjener at komme op i lyset og pynte på jeres vægge. Jeg har gjort det let at lægge maleriet i kurven og foretage betaling via bankoverførsel eller kreditkort på PayPal. Billederne kan ses i virkeligheden på min adresse:

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Kontakt mig for en aftale. I er velkommen til at kigge forbi og se hvad jeg har . Jeg har mange malerier til salg, som ikke er vist i min shop. Så klik på SHOP og kategorien MALERIER.

Venlig hilsen Palle Jensen

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Paintings from 2013 by Palle Adamos Finn

I have made many painting in a fewer, in a state of furie, og wild chaotic inner angry state.

Here they are. Cities burning. apocalyptic. No future. Forever young.

Deep Night 2013
Chaos 2013
Whats happening now
Jordens undergang. Apocalypse Adamos 2013

Paintings by Palle Finn Jensen. Painted in a state of angrines. Its about the end of time. Total colapse inside the mind and outside. The earth has reached its last breath. No future. Just live as if this day is the last. Letting go of everything. Apocalyptic are those paintings from 2013. And there are more to come I dont know where the paintings are now. In the thrash. Deleted in real life. Excist only as digital files. Palle
Visit 2013
Titel: 14 november 2012

It is a painting where the trees are greeting the light streaming against them. It a horror stat also. It see
that the ground are very unfriendly. The trees are dead. Its after the end of time. Is it Hell or Heaven.
1 sep 2012

Two persons are looking at the yellow ligh tstreaming towards them.The size is 80 x 60 cm. Nobody knows is I still have the painting. Perhaps you see a blue vertical pillar to the left of the painting. It can be a building for example a temple. The light is Christ or Christ is the light.
1 maj 2012

I see two red figures flying above the earth. They have three blue wings or panels . Beneath them there are red figure. Flying beneath them. The size of the painting is about 60 x 40 cm. Acrylic on canvas. The temperature is the contrasting between cold blue and warm red. Palle