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When a man is walking out of the door, he takes an important step.
The legs do the hard work of beginning, not the brain cause the mind and the body is one.
Try it yourself. Study how you begin to move. And you will find that moving your heavy body.
starts with your legs jumping out of the chair. And you feel the release of pulling yourself together.
You feel that letting go of hating yourself for not having the power to raise your heavy body, is filling you with the happiness of being able to move without any effort of your brain.

You know that for years you have struggled, fought with yourself to pull yourself together.

Now you know that it is easy to give up your struggle, cause your body will start to move with no effort from the mind.

Just wait and you will find that your body will move you.

Letting go of your brain is letting in your happiness, and letting in your happiness is moving your body.

Letting go of thinking is letting in emptiness, and letting in emptiness is filling you with joy.

Letting go of desire for happiness is filling you with happiness.


Today everything begin
Tomorrow everything begin

There are no ending
there are only beginning

When it ends it ends
thank you

No more suffering
No more nothing
Only emptiness

Intense being
dreaming continues

There is a time for war
now this is the time for peace

Peace inside your mind
Peace in the world

There is a time for hate
now there is a time for love

Giving up hating yourself
is the time for loving yourself

Giving up hating your friend
is the time for your friend hating himself

Forgiveness is the key of love
He told it

Letting go of hating
is letting in love

Letting go of war
is letting peace in

Letting go of desire
is letting in of wealth

Wealth is abundance
abundance of love

Letting in peace into yourself
is letting in happiness

Letting in light
is letting go of darkness

Letting in the word
of God having left you
is letting in God is near

To see God is to die
To die is to to see God
To die is to live