After reading
I want to break silence
talking about task force
the situation is out of control
In Israel

Next step
begin to live
another deep blue day
take the phone and
say Hello

The world according to my newspaper

understanding of the world outside

The structure of my day
will be this unless I change my mind:

Morning from  8 to 10
Project 1 from 10 to 12
Break                12 to 14
Project 2 from 14 to 18
Evening from   18 to 22

Project 1 will today be “I want more”
Project 2 will be the Piano

Now the situation is so deep and the consequences will survive the mental lazyness .
Prehistoric investigations
Disturbing my neighbourg
Postmodern Earmodern until Slavementality is transformed to More and more.
Sorry for taking your time
I will come back later.

Color: White
Star: Saturn and his moon
Locality: Paris
Agent 001 and Agent 002 in Berlin
Normal normality
Later and friction and groofs


and luckily
Gregory Foster