soon our eyes will cry with tears of blood

soon our eyes will cry with tears of blood

dripping dripping dripping

remember the road to Bethlehem
many years ago
so cold so crowded so silent
my friend carried me the whole way
to see the silver star in the crypt

machine guns in the arms of the soldier in the VW
i got a lift on the east shore of Genezaret lake
no-one could hurt me now

walking in the ruins in Jerico
looking with my cam
the trumpets were but didn’t sound
the walls were merely vanished

now the signs in USA
tell me to shout
force me to weep
asking where will the madness lead us

The dead man Trump
with hatred and hopelessness
sending us back to despair and cruelty
sending waves of green light to his sick mind to his heart
if he has such a thing
an empty man roaring with infinite emptiness