Welcome to my blog or site .

I am a danish painter, Palle Adamos Finn Jensen, making aquarels for the time being. My goal is to make an exhibition in Aarhus .
The aquarels are Mandalas and the purpose to make them is to bring calmnes, peace, and relaxation in my mind.

In my site you will find many photos about Aarhus, the nature of Denmark, danish churches, Berlin, Stockholm, Lisbon, Botanical Garden in Aarhsu, Stockholm, Uppsala, Copenhagen and more.

You will find some of my paintings in my shop. A lot of the paintings is no longer available, so contact me at pallej88@gmail.com if you want to talk to me about my art.

You can listen to danish hymns that I recorded years ago.

So go on and go deeper into my world

You also will find some poetry.