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Nirvana today in hundred years ago.


On the other side of the future we began to slowly move forward to the destiny of the planet. Rumors told on the second floor that the inhabitants down on the Saturn was encrypted by quantum units belonging to Napoleon for hundred years ago. Meanwhile we found hundred and nine psychoes with both hands on the crown executed to a tremendous scream of happiness as the were buried on the surface of the beautiful doorstoppers to Heaven. We do not deserve to die said the psychiatrists and we laughed in such a long time never-ending happiness as freedom for us zombies  united in pure soft silk dresses as seen in Hollywood. We have won the fight over normality. Now everything is possible and we will live in happiness in the last years of total erasion of the men in white dress for hundred years ago.


Now we are standing hand in hand for thousand years ago in conjunction with disarmed slowfoxers dancing with ruins of World Wide Web. On the book of Palms is whispering sweet soothing dreamworlds for the young 100 years old virgins with feet as elefants. The B&O toy shows the wonderful piece of art as the arctic ice have filled our luxurious homes of white grass inhaling tons of grey tobacco clouds in front of my neighbors two dogs underneath the bed of total sweepstakes. Nanette les we have found peace in the temple of dead psychiatrists filled with stones and brilliant football armies. Help my empty mind to fill in the gap between the overlasting pleasure in total surrounded silence in empty nothingness. Here we are together with the disciples of Buddha and Thor embracing my room of everything. Over the rainbow there was a new story about the rules of chess written with blood on the B&O. The double so deep disk wheels up with champagne as an endless stream by Netflix. Bill Gates died in poverty alone and poor as a church rat. The WWW has closed down for thousand years ago and only you and me are survivors. What the Hell shall we putt up now you and I say in the mouth of each other. Where shall we go now when there is no now and past and future. What is the next step towards the old good times. All is one and One is Two and the  Einsteins is begging for mercy. The Book of Palms continues to spread out air in the filled emptiness. Go on and continue. Look up and look. See if you can stand it. No TV. No Computers. No Ships. Only happiness.

Now I have 9
no 8 minutes  and today will be tomorrow
so will it be silence
do I decide or
empty mind
to share

6 minutes
feeling good
hurry up now

5 minutes left
what’s the idea

just want to say thank you

you know to whom


tomorrow is today Now


A newborn day
Blank mind

Be with us all
this newborn day



Here we are standing
looking at you
the sun in fire
Our word is bliss



treesSo much peace
just looking
just breathing
Whispering birds


After reading
I want to break silence
talking about task force
the situation is out of control
In Israel

Next step
begin to live
another deep blue day
take the phone and
say Hello

The world according to my newspaper

understanding of the world outside

The structure of my day
will be this unless I change my mind:

Morning from  8 to 10
Project 1 from 10 to 12
Break                12 to 14
Project 2 from 14 to 18
Evening from   18 to 22

Project 1 will today be “I want more”
Project 2 will be the Piano

Now the situation is so deep and the consequences will survive the mental lazyness .
Prehistoric investigations
Disturbing my neighbourg
Postmodern Earmodern until Slavementality is transformed to More and more.
Sorry for taking your time
I will come back later.

Color: White
Star: Saturn and his moon
Locality: Paris
Agent 001 and Agent 002 in Berlin
Normal normality
Later and friction and groofs


and luckily
Gregory Foster

Åbner avisen
udsatte børn
der sulter
nomade familier

Børn der sulter i Danmark
vort smukke land
vor hyggelige idyl
Tyskland vandt 7-1
Brasilianske kulter i chok
Argentina får problemer
i finalen
Den første kamp jeg skal se
Mutter tar derover
så det hele kommer nok til at gå
noget af det

En gudinde i Egypten
det er noget andet nu
Det er let  at læse avis
men hvad har du læst
hvad husker du

Situationen i Irak er indviklet
så jeg læser:

“Den ekstremistiske gruppe Den Islamiske Stat i Irak og Levanten, Isis, har udråbt et »islamisk kalifat«, skriver AFP.

Jihadisterne, der kæmper i Syrien og Irak, erklærede søndag oprettelsen af et »kalifat«, som er en henvisning til det regeringssystem, som ophørte med Det Ottomanske Riges sammenbrud for næsten 100 år siden.”

Håber på bagsiden:


Firskåren tobak for en skilling
hundrede år efter sammenbruddets rand
naturligvis er der håb bagude

Femten år
hvilken alder, åh så skøn
friske tomater

Kællingetand om hjørnet
sarkastiske variable
stokastisk mælketand

Nedslået af højtrykket
opstemt efter valgsejren
I Afganistan på tværs

In a short while and I will leave you
said the Master
And in a short while I will be back
he said

Another view
Another word
Another sound