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New!! Select Language

Aarhus Denmark 1. December 2017

For my visitors.

Today I added the Google translation of all my side, so it can be read at 92 different language. On top of the page there is a box “Select Language”.

The translation is a machine translation, and  my site  will be written exclusively with Danish as original language.

The  “Select Language”  button should allow you to find my photographs, songs, texts and paintings and navigate through the site, without having to guess too much to navigate. A machine translation is obviously pretty helpless when it comes to the translation of literary texts. My texts  are poetic creations, and  can therefore be interpreted.


If you are interested in translating some of my lyrics, please feel free to send me translations, and I will then be able to consider how your translations can be laid out on the page. Write to

Best regards
Pallet Adamos Finn Jensen.